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Sabtu, 08 Mei 2021 - 21:57:03 WIB
The Strategy Of Increased Competitiveness And Development Potential In The Region For The Well Being Of Community: An Empirical Of Oyster Mushroom Industry In Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia
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Abstract: Based on the potential of region in Indonesia, each region has a potential flagship industries. Oyster mushroom as one of them of potential in Karanganyar. There is potential that could be developed into an industry so that it is able to improve the welfare of society. In an effort to become Oyster Mushrooms cultivation industry flagship Karanganyar required factor conditions, demand conditions, related and supporting industries, and firm strategy, structure and rivalry so that the oyster mushroom industry be the industry is able to compete.This research is a case study of cultivation of mushrooms, which are descriptive. The object of this research is on the oyster mushroom cultivation in the village of Ngijo, Karanganyar Regency as well as the development of innovative product petrol. The reason for this is because object uses this business originated from trying later evolved and been running 3 (three) years but wanted to create a product variant, so that businessmen need to consider the feasibility of its business worth developed or not.Based on the analysis of the industrial development efforts of oyster mushroom oyster mushroom chips into products quite feasible and innovative as well as provide significant advantages.
Practical Implications: Product innovation to make oyster mushrooms that are expected to be received by consumers is the addition of cassava flour white (20%) as to the characteristics of coatings, moisture (1.625%), grey levels (1.622%), levels of protein (16,598%), fat (5,172%), and a score sensory analysis (1,87), yellowish color ( (3,07 fungi), crisp (4,13) and enjoyment the whole 3,80 (like).The research strategy is the done to increase competitiveness and in the development of potential for peoples welfare (study oyster mushroom industry, Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia), as applied research and was conducted in object was first.