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Pengaruh Waktu Pemanasan Dan Penambahan Air Terhadap Aktivitas Antioksidan Selai Buah Bit (Beta Vulgaris L.)
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Abstrak :
The aim of this research is to get the best heating time and the amount of water
that must be added in making beet jam which has high antioxidant activity. The
experimental design used was a completely randomized design (CRD) factorial of
2 factors with heating duration factor (A1 = 8 minutes, A2 = 10 minutes and A3 =
12 minutes) and the amount of water added (B1 = 8 ml, B2 = 12 ml, B3 = 16ml).
The parameters observed included antioxidant activity, water content and hedonic
test or preference. The results showed that heating time and the addition of water
interacted to influence the antioxidant activity of beet jam. The best treatment is
A3B3 treatment (heating time 12 minutes, addition of water 16 ml) produces the
most organoleptically preferred jam in terms of flavor and aroma parameters
even though in terms of texture it is less preferred.