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Kamis, 19 Januari 2023 - 13:16:33 WIB
Metode Pengukuran Indek Kepuasan Masyarakat Pemerintah Kabupaten Klaten
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Measuring the quality of government activities is carried out
by emphasizing external aspects, namely the community as
the target group of these government activities. The
measurement orientation refers to the impact of the activities
felt by the community. Community assessment is the main
key whether a government activity is considered successful
or still needs to be improved. At the same time, the public
can express their aspirations for the implementation of these
government activities. The measurement of government
activities with a quality approach has been standardized by
the Ministry of Pan-RB through the Minister of Agriculture
Decree No. 14 of 2017 concerning guidelines for compiling
the community satisfaction index. The Community
Satisfaction Index is data and information about the level of
community satisfaction obtained from quantitative and
qualitative measurements of public opinion in obtaining
services from public service providers by comparing their
expectations and needs. Keywords: Community Satisfaction Index, Public